Just Jan’s Story

DSC_0460 Jan Confident

It started with a little fig tree that produced so many figs Jan Hogrewe started making fruit spread for family and friends. Long story short, a friend who loved the fig spread mentioned it to someone in the food business and one thing led to the next. She thought it would be fun to try something new so jumped in with both feet. Coming from the film business producing various projects for the first half of her life and decided to completely shift gears all because of a little fig tree growing in her back yard. Although it started with the Kadota fig she continued to experiment with other recipes and turned into a mad scientist in her kitchen. Jan has always had a love affair with food, and everything that goes along with cooking and sharing delicious dishes. A self taught cook who reads cookbooks like novels, and loves nothing more than to entertain friends around a dinner party. She believes that most of life’s great moments are spent connecting around “the table” with family and friends. This mother of twin daughters who are off on their college adventure has made creating fruit spreads, jams and curds her new career. Jan’s new venture has taken off like a speeding bullet and she’s just holding on and enjoying the ride creating new recipes along the way.

DSC_0024-002 Tangerine marmalade

2 thoughts on “Just Jan’s Story

  1. My daughters and I tried the Lemon Curd, Fig, Pomegranate and Apricot Pepper…and they tried the mango but I did not bc I am allergic….and we loved them all! We bought the Apricot Pepper for me and the pomegranate for them. SOOO good. Thanks for sharing at Magnolia’s Ladies’ night! Jeannette

    • Hi Jeanette,

      Thank you! Always appreciate feedback (especially such nice compliments!) I missed this last Ladies Night Out and Kelli was there however, I’ll be at this months coming this Friday so if you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say ‘hello’. Would love to meet you!

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